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Happy New Year! Oh, I’m a week late…Had a great trip to NYC this week for a little thing called JAZZ and now I’m back to DC and ready to run with Washington Women in Jazz Festival 2012. While I finish up the schedule for this years events (hint:every quadrant will be included!) please turn your attention to the inaugural! Young! Artist! Contest!
Applications are due January 31st, so make sure to tell anyone I haven’t harassed that they need to get their materials in ASAP! I’m looking forward to checking out all the music I’ve already been sent. Thanks to Karine Chapdelaine for the fabulous idea to get younger women involved!

Long lost Jazz Loft footage from March 16th. I am happily going through all of the video and audio from WWJF this week. This is a great little clip of Sarah and Brad doing their trademark duo sax-o-phony. Stay tuned for more audio/video candy!
Big shout out to Gio and Luke the Jazz Champions at CapitalBop. I think I will name them the BEST JAZZ WEBSITE IN DC. Oh wait, that already happened.