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Last Thursday’s Aqui Oh show was a success! Thanks to everyone who came, especially all of the new faces. Please keep supporting us and bringing your friends. A big shout out to jazz writer Mike West for his coverage in the Washington City Paper of my new accordion addiction.
Check out the video of Matt and I performing one of our favorite’s “Amanha”. Thanks to fabulous guitarist and avid Aqui Oh fan Josh Walker for his video documenting. 

Get down with Matt and I as we perform our original compositions and uncover some old and new Brazilian tunes. 

Joining us will be:

Fabulous bassist of the French Canadian persuasion Karine Chapdelaine holding it down and funking it up with some 5 string electric bass (in addition to her renowned upright).

Stellar percussionist and my vocal companion, Marc Levine playing a multitude of instruments with perspicacity.

Groovy Baltimore-based drummer Chuck Navyac brings it all together, switching from jazz to forro with zeal. 

Twins Jazz
1344 U St NWTwo sets 8&10pm $10 cover $10 minimum