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Vocalist Integriti Reeves
Dancer Melissa Frakman

Thanks to our great friends and fellow jazz advocates CapitalBop we have an extra special ADDITION to the WWJF.  You might have attended spectacular jazz loft events before, and we will continue with the same format. There are two featured performers, my fellow DESA Alum and current Howard Grad student in Jazz Voice, the marvelous Integriti Reeves. We truly reconnected at the Kurt Elling Masterclass last November. She was selected to sing for him at the Kennedy Center, and I accompanied the entire class on piano. When she found out about this festival she immediately got in touch with me to put her full support behind it, and has been at the first 2 shows selling tickets and handing out fabulous flyer for me! In the city of interns, she is the most talented one out there. Now she can take the stage herself and give a great show!
Also featured will be tap dancer extraordinaire Melissa Frakman. Melissa has been all over, from Asia to North America, studying and teaching dance. We were kindred spirits on our first meeting and she performed on my Graduate Recital at Howard last May. So here it is, A WWJF tap premiere! The whole DC Jazz community is benefiting from the DC Tap Fest next month (founded by another Ellington Alum–Maud Arnold). Melissa’s performance Wednesday will be a preview of our awesome dance community in April!

After the features, there will be an open jam session, everyone is invited to sit in, so bring your horn and we’ll party WWJF Jazz Loft style. See you there!

WWJF/CapitalBop Jazz Loft

The Red Door

443 Eye St. NW(In the alley)
Washington, DC
$10 suggested donation