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I currently hold in my hand the latest Howard University Jazztet CD! Recorded in May it features my fellow Howard University Jazzies and I.

Josh Walker, Guitar

Brent Birckhead, Alto Saxophone
Elijah Balbed, Tenor Saxophone
Donvonte McCoy, Trumpet
CV Dashiell III, Drums
Karine Chapdelaine, Bass
We all contributed the compositions, and it came out just lovely! If you want to hear my composition “Waltz” go to my website and click on recordings.
If you’d like your very own copy, let me know this week as I will be going to the post office Thursday. Donations accepted!

I am performing at this lecture tonight, and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of baklava there is. Berna would be proud.
A University of Michigan Professor is speaking, we are performing, who knew Georgetown University was so hip?

*Although they need a metro stop. Lets keep it real, taking the bus/driving down M Street is the worst. Plus when the bus goes really slow I see the giant SALE signs at Urban Outfitters and I am distracted from my task and I have to look through racks of ugly XXL hipster clothes.