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MJW reviews MLW

“The festival mainly took place in the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater, but Friday’s program began on its free Millennium Stage with Amy K. Bormet, a D.C. pianist and Howard University alum (who also started a local variant, the Washington Women in Jazz Festival). Bormet performed a lovely set of original music with her “Striking” quintet, and often doubled on vocals in a high voice evocative of 1930s jazz singers.”
Jazztimes Article

Me and the late Dr. Billy Taylor, founder of the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival.

I was happy to perform last Friday with my “Striking” project at the Kennedy Center for the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival. We performed compositions from my album, and a couple new tunes. Matt and I did a two song mini-set in the middle of the show with Brazilian music that we’ve been digging lately. It was a fabulous show, and I had an incredible time with all the lovely people at the Kennedy Center who always make me feel well-loved and at home. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us live, or tuned in to watch the streaming video. You can watch the full 60 minute show streaming here Archived Video