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When I was in high school I was thrilled to attend the Washington Jazz Arts Institute, a free summer program created by award-winning educator/head of Duke Ellington School of the Arts jazz program, Davey Yarborough and his wife Esther Williams.

Now I’m honored to teach there every summer and I LOVE mentoring the newest jazz musicians in town. Please support this wonderful organization and swing by for the final free concert of the summer tomorrow at Peoples Congregational Church. (Flyer by superstar vocalist and fellow mentor Jessica Boykin-Settles, and I took the photos!) Watch out for our supersize trombone section this year!

July 19th was the sold-out and exciting world premiere of my five-piece Gwendolyn Brook’s song cycle for bassist/vocalist virtuoso Maggie Hasspacher presented by Wild Up at Boston Court in Pasadena, CA. I will have some audio/video soon and will include it in next month’s newsletter. (Read a review of the evening’s performance here).

Maggie and I will be performing my song cycle and more new music next month (Aug. 21) in Ann Arbor, MI along with Matt Dievendorf at Canterbury House. 

Maggie Hasspacher