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Our talented buddy Johanna Baker took some photos for our new duo project. We wondered around in the park before our gig at Bistrot Lepic last Wednesday. We entertained lots of small children, and one of them tried to follow us around pied-piper style. Here’s a cute one. More photos soon on our impending website (Diev has to finish HIS new website soon.)

I came up with this arrangement for “Tracks of My Tears” in 2004. I saw Smokey Robinson in the flesh that year when Prof. Dennis Wilson let me tag along to the BET Walk of Fame rehearsal in NE DC. However, the best part of the whole day was Stevie Wonder and his reggae version of “Tears of a Clown”. It made me CRY it was so funky. It inspired me to take liberties with my version of “Tracks of My Tears”, and I brought it back for a second round with my favorite guitarist.