A BIG thank you to CapitalBop for hosting a great night last night! Check out some footage of the jam session shot by WWJF superstar/intern Integriti Reeves (who had her own set last night!) Proof that you don’t have to wait to party until the end of a festival. We should have put some spotlights on Melissa’s feet!!

One thought on “Last night’s WWJF session at the Red Door

  1. CapitalBop

    We do the loft for everybody – the audience, the musicians, the record label execs who invariably roll through – but I gotta say, the best part is invariably the jams at the end. When all that's left is eight or 10 musicians, all there to really listen, and be heard, and to try out something new that they've been honing in the shed for the past week. (See the video above.) I dig it.

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