Matt and I had a great time in Brazil meeting amazing people (and musicians!), seeing beautiful places and eating some serious food. They really know how to do breakfast.
Now that we have returned to reality I am pleased to discover that while I was gone Bohemian Caverns bought me a NEW PIANO! Thanks guys. I always wanted to play the piano. I continue to perform there every Monday with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra. Come check us out!

Here’s some photos I took of Brazil. I only have 1000 more. Matt and I are really excited to put on a great show with Aqui Oh! at BrazilFEST! on November 20th at 5pm. We have been writing new tunes and new charts like CRAZY PEOPLE since we’ve been back. We’ve expanded the band to include fabulous trumpeter Joe Herrera and flute/sax master Brent Birckhead. Not only are they incredibly good looking, but they can PLAY. This is going to be a really really really great show. See you there!

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