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Sad Songs

Band :
Title : Sad Songs
Release Date : July 19, 2015
Format : Digital Download
  1. Sad Song
  2. Sadder Song
  3. Saddest Song
  4. Hobo Song
  5. Will I See You Again?

Recorded by a group of friends in a tiny bungalow on a balmy Los Angeles day.

Sad Song Suite
music by Amy K Bormet
lyrics by Michalle Gould

Will I see you again?
music and lyrics Amy K Bormet

Amy K Bormet, lead vocals and Wurlitzer
Matt Dievendorf, guitar
Maggie Hasspacher, vocals and bass
David Wise, tenor and baritone saxophones, trumpet
Stephan Wunderlich, mixing and mastering

© 2015 Amy K Bormet