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I spoke about the Washington Women in Jazz Festival and performed in Gothenburg, Sweden this past week. It was a surreal and wonderful whirlwind of amazing people and musicians. I saw 5 different bands, performed for an audience of advocates for women’s equality in music, and met so many wonderful Swedes. It was an incredible first trip to Sweden, and a HUGE thank you to Marie and Katarina for inviting me! I hope to get back there soon.

In the middle of the avenue in Gothenburg, all lit up for Christmas!

*The first day I was there I met Zara in the Kultur i Vast (Culture in the West of Sweden) office and we had an impromptu jam session in the middle of the afternoon. Of course, we had to play something from the most famous collaboration of Swedish/American Jazz, Bill Evans and Monica Zetterlund’s “Some Other Time”. Here’s a clip I hastily recorded. Enjoy!

We drove across the continent and now we’re settling in to Los Angeles life. Eating mangos and cheap tacos. I bought a little piano for our little place. Seeing tons of great music, Patrice Rushen, Stefon Harris and Ben Williams one night, Lisa Mezzacappa and Fay Victor, and COWBOP (my new favorite band) and more. I made friends with a yodeler. 

My new setup
The Grand Canyon from the viewfinder

I am happily teaching away at the Washington Jazz Arts Institute with so many of the best musicians (and people!) everyday this month.

Matt and I are leaving for Los Angeles July 29. Hope my D.C. people can catch me the next 2 weeks. I will be back for the holidays, and for my 4th annual Washington Women in Jazz Festival in March!

July 15, 8pm- Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra $10
July 18 & 25 8pm- HR 57 Jazz Jam Session $5
July 23 9pm- Carlyle Club with Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes $10

This month I am back on the stage for the first time this year with my quintet “Striking”. I wrote another album’s worth of material and we are in the process of tuning it up this spring. The music continues to be a mix of catchy melodies and glorious moments of improvised music. We are going to let loose and crack these songs open. There’s a whole lot going on for Jazz Appreciation Month. CATCH ME AND APPRECIATE ME:

Thank you to everyone who supported the Washington Women in Jazz Festival with your WWJF T-shirts, stylish pink WWJF sunglasses and, of course, your attendance!

A jazz musician who won a million dollars on the national lottery is interviewed by a newspaper reporter.

Reporter: Congratulations on winning the first prize. By the way, what do you do for a living?
Musician: I’m a jazz musician.
Reporter: Now that you have a million dollars, what are you going to do with all that money?
Musician: I guess I’ll carry on working until the money runs out.